One of the concerns/areas from the Comet community was, and is, our facilities. As a result of these concerns, please read below:

The Jonesville Board of Education commissioned a district-wide Facility/Grounds Assessment to be completed by the end of this September.

  • ELITE Companies and IGNYTE were awarded the contract to conduct the Facility/Grounds Assessment.  
  • The Facility/Grounds Assessment is life cycle engineering analysis of the condition of each of the school facilities along with the grounds in terms of age, design, construction methods, and materials.
  • The analysis is done by walk-through inspection and mathematical modeling. It includes calculations of useful life and conditions of building systems and equipment.
  • The Facility/Grounds Assessment will identify needed infrastructure investments and risks associated with continued deferral of maintenance and replacement investments.
  • survey will be sent out to the community as part of this process to help prioritize the needs.  A committee of stakeholders will be established to help prioritize and build a short/long-term plan for improving the district facilities/grounds.   The school district will also report out the findings through a State of the Schools Address which will go over the assessment and survey results along with the proposed short/long term plans.   

Improved facilities is one of the target areas in our Strategic Plan. We have worked towards addressing some of these areas already and we have brought on additional supports to improve this area. Tom Young and Vern Gamble, among others(!), have done a great job of tackling some of these issues but we know more needs to be done. We need to know what we what to plan for in addition to taking care of our needs right now. This facility/grounds assessment will help aid us in this goal. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Erik Weatherwax, our Superintendent, who can assist in answering your questions. Go Comets!