AED Program

Were you aware that Jonesville Community Schools has had an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) program since 2004? AEDs are used to shock the heart following sudden cardiac arrest. Jonesville High School received an AED from the Kimberly Anne Gillary Foundation in 2004 and through fundraisers and a generous donation from the Mosherville Grange we were able to place AEDs in our other 3 buildings. The next time you are in one of our buildings look for these life-saving devices.

Jonesville High School - North wall in the cafetorium

Jonesville Middle School - Spotts Gymnasium outside the women's restroom

Williams Elementary - North side of the Kindergarten hallway outside the Nurse's office

Jonesville Pathways - main hallway

Our Athletic Department was the recipient of 2 additional units - one from the Wes Leonard Foundation (housed at the football concession stand & the Manor gymnasium) and the other from the Hillsdale Community Health Center (which travels with the athletic trainer).

For more information about Jonesville Community Schools AED Program contact Tina Varney, RN at 517/826-7114.

To view the school's Cardiac Emergency Response Plan and AED Procedure click on the links below:

If you are interested in taking a class to learn how to use an AED please follow the link to the left.