Buddy Reading

At Williams Elementary

What is Buddy Reading?

Buddy Reading is a one-to-one reading program using volunteers as mentors and tutors. The goal of Buddy Reading is to assist students who are good readers but could use additional help to become more successful readers and confident students.

Who Can Be a Buddy Reading Mentor?

  • Parents, Grandparents, Guardians
  • Retirees and Senior Citizens
  • Employees
  • College Students
  • Employers
  • People who enjoy children
What is the Mentors Role?
  • Work with the same student on teacher selected materials
  • Help students work on improving specific reading skills
  • Provide encouragement and support
  • Be a friend
How Much Time Does It Take?
  • Each session with students is 30 minutes per week
  • Program operates from October to the beginning of May
Who Is In The Buddy Reading Program?
  • Students selected by classroom and Buddy Reading teachers from first and second grades
  • Each Buddy Reading site has identified the specific grades and students who will be in the program
How Will I Know What To Do?

The Buddy Reading coordinator is present during each session to answer questions and lead a specific activity or provide additional help during the session. Training is available

How Can I Become A "Buddy Reading" Mentor?

Contact Mrs. Kathy Kelley at Williams Elementary School (517) 849-9175, Monday-Friday