We have several local scholarships available to our graduating seniors along with numerous scholarships at the Hillsdale County Community Foundation.

Lavere and Gladys Chase Scholarship:

Lavere Chase graduated from Jonesville High School in 1930. He worked and lived in Battle Creek most of his life. Upon his death in 2006, he left his entire estate to Jonesville High School to award scholarships. The scholarship requires a 2.75 cumulative GPA, attend JHS for all 4 years of high school, and live in the Jonesville School District those 4 years. In years past, every student who qualifies, is awarded this scholarship. Students may qualify for a renewal for their second year of college with a 2.75 cumulative GPA in college. Average awards have been $1200 for new awards and $750 for renewals. All applications are due in the office (or postmarked) by April 1st.

Lavere and Gladys Chase Scholarship (pdf)

Lavere and Gladys Chase Scholarship (docx)

Chase Renewal Application (pdf)

Chase Renewal Application (docx)

Robert and Ellen Thompson Working Families Scholarship (renewal available for Class of 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019)

Mr Thompson is a 1950 graduate of Jonesville High School. He developed this scholarship to support Jonesville students who seek to attend a Michigan 4-Year Public University and provide a means for students who might otherwise not be able to complete a four-year course of study solely because of economic reasons. The intent is to have each scholarship, in combination with all other scholarships, grant assistance from federal, state and institutional programs, all available federal and state loans, work study programs, and the student and the student’s family’s Expected Family Contribution (EFC), cover the total cost of attendance as defined by the college or university. A commitment to scholarships for a graduating class will be a four-year commitment. Applications are due in the Guidance Office or Postmarked by April 1st. Students attending Saginaw Valley or Grand Valley can apply for the Thompson Scholarship through those institutions.

Thompson Foundation Renewal App

Alumni Association Scholarships:

The JHS Alumni Association awards several scholarships each year. Students need to apply by April 1st of their senior year for these awards. The Percy Stough Scholarship is now renewable for four years. Students who have been awarded the Percy Stough and would like to apply for a renewal, must do so by April 1st each year.

D.E. Spotts Scholarship (pdf)

Emily Williams Scholarship (pdf)

Percy Stough Scholarship.pdf

Percy Stough Renewal Application

Hillsdale County Community Foundation:

We have several scholarships located at our community foundation. For a list and directions on applying, please visit their website at http://www.abouthccf.org/scholarships.