Wall of Honor

Jonesville Community School District

Wall of Honor

The purpose of the Wall of Honor is to recognize Jonesville Community School District alumni, staff, volunteers, and other individuals who have distinguished themselves by their contributions to the school district and the community.

Selection Criteria:

An individual may be considered for nomination for inclusion in the Wall of Honor if the following criteria have been met:

Staff member: Must have been removed from their employment with the Jonesville Community School District for a minimum of three years prior to nomination and whose efforts have contributed significantly to the Jonesville Community School District.

Graduate: May be eligible for nomination ten years following graduation and whose accomplishments have been recognized as significant since their graduation to the Jonesville Community School District and the community.

Community Member: Individuals who may or may not have been a graduate of the Jonesville Community High School, but who have made a significant contribution, which helped make the Jonesville Community School District a better place for children.

Selection Process:

Any adult who resides within the Jonesville Community School District may make a nomination. The completed nomination form must be returned to the Office of the Superintendent no later than December 15th of that year. The nominating individual may elect to include supporting documentation such as records, newspaper clippings, tapes, and letters of support with the nomination form.

Nominating forms and selection criteria/process sheets are available in PDF format below.

The Nomination Form should be sent to:

Jonesville Community Schools Administration Office
Attn: Chellie Broesamle, Superintendent
115 East Street
Jonesville, Michigan 49250

Application deadline: December 15th of each year.

The following are the current inductees in the Wall of Honor:

Bill Dunn, D.E. Spotts, Emily B. Williams, R. D. Langs, Percy Stough, Alvin Perry, Judy Shannon, Laverne Daglow and Robert M. & Ellen Thompson