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John Loveless


      I joined the teaching staff at Jonesville High School in the fall of 1988 after working in architectural design for a number of years.  My assignment at JHS has been primarily in the visual arts although over the years I have taught, Physics, English, and a variety of other science classes.  I am success oriented in my approach and although I have high standards, and most classes require 100% completion, I will work with students so they can demonstrate proficiency in the skills required for the class they are taking.  

     Although there are many careers that involve the visual arts I understand that only of a few our our students will choose to pursue one of them.  Therefore the visual arts curriculum is design oriented.  This means the program emphasizes the fundamentals of good design that can be readily applied to a wide range of careers and disciplines.  I believe that understanding how visual elements can be successfully arranged is a useful skill for anyone and provides tools that easily transfer to all creative activities.  Beyond Design, which is the fundamental class in the curriculum, classes are offered in traditional areas of art such as drawing, painting, and sculpture as well as non traditional areas such as printing, photography, computer graphics, and film.  This allows students to earn their state required arts credit with either studio or non-studio classes.

     In addition to my classroom activities I coach the golf team and assist with the extra curricular theater program at the high school.

     I can be reached at:   517-849-9934  ext:1222  

Science and Art Teacher
Science and Art Departments - Jonesville High School