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Welcome To Jonesville High School

JHS Third Trimester Exam Schedule

Thursday, November 20
Exams in 1st, 3rd, and 5th hours

Friday, November 21 (half day, release at 11:20)
Exams in 2nd and 4th hours

After School Study Hall

JHS is now offering after school study hall sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 3:00 until 4:00.
Any student who needs help or needs to catch up on
assignments is encouraged to attend. 

Next week (11/17 to 11/20) study hall will be held Monday through Thursday to help prepare for exams.

Drama Club Information

Drama Club Workshops - open to all Jonesville Middle School and High School students
Beginning: Tuesday, November 25, 2014 **Change**
Where: Jonesville High School Auditorium
When: 3:30pm to 5:00pm
Workshops to continue: Tuesdays from 3:30-5:00pm throughout December
Open to all students who are interested in drama club and being a part of this year's play.

*Please note: Auditions for the 2015 Spring Musical "Cinderella" will be held in December prior to Christmas break!


Jonesville High School
Students of the Month for October 2014

Joseph Allen - Mr. Loveless
Bradley Angel - Mr. Coe
Kaitlyn Carr - Mrs. Salsbury
Suphakorn Chalongphoksilchai - Mr. Williamson
Allison Cleveland - Mrs. Mykeloff
Carson Evans - Mr. Stanton
Vincent Gittings - Mr. Drake
Jordan Johnston - Mr. Perrin
Janel Kast - Mrs. Drake
Jacob McLain - Mr. Morin
Hailey Miller - Mr. Varney
Shayam Patel - Miss Hartley
Spencer Pibbles - Mrs. Hogan
Hanna Purdy - Mrs. Brown
Dalton Rossman - Mrs. Dobson
Quinton Slovacek - Mrs. Sager
Jonathan Staggs - Mrs. Welden
Travis Sutton - Mr. Konieczki
Adam Swope - Mr. Hunter
Justin Taylor - Ms. Marsh
Jamie Young - Mr. Taipalus


Dress Code:
In an effort to reduce the number of dress code violations and to help inform summer shoppers I am posting  a copy of the Jonesville High School Dress Code. This will also help parents and students know and understand the rules and what to expect in the upcoming school year. Last year we tried allowing leggings and other tight fitting pants if student wore long shirts over them. This was difficult to enforce, so to make this rule more uniform and easier to enforce, shirts covering up these types of tight pants must hang 2 inches past the finger tips when arms are put down by the students’ side. Students are not to wear tank tops of any kind including dresses or dress shirts that are tank top style. Skirts, dresses and shorts must be at least as 2 inches past the fingertips when arms are put down by the students’ side without having to stretch or tug at their outfit. Please read over the dress code and shop accordingly. Our goal with the dress code is to teach our students how to dress appropriately in a public setting and we feel that it is important that students learn to dress for success.

• Student attire should not be gory or gross.
• Clothing that encourages hate or puts down another group is not allowed.
• No hats, headgear, chains, or sunglasses.
• None of the following tops may be worn: Open-sided, bare backed, bare midriff, transparent, spandex, underwear-bra tops, tank tops, strapless tops.
• Shirts must be open or hang no lower than one hand width from the base of the neck.
• No shirts of the following messages: profanity, offensive messages, suggestive messages, suggestive pictures, messages promoting or advertising beer, cigarettes or drugs. No T-shirts of the following or similar brands: Big Johnson, Coed Naked, Hooters, Red Dog, or Butt Naked.
• Blouses, shirts, and tops must thoroughly cover the midriff during normal and routine wearing for class activities at JHS.
• No jewelry advertising or depicting drugs or drug symbols, beer labels or logos, or cigarettes.
• No short skirts, dresses or shorts. All skirts, dresses and shorts must be at least as 2 inches past the fingertips when arms are put down by the side. The holes in pants must also only be below two inches past the fingertips.
• No shorts of spandex, underwear type, or tight fitting sportswear.
• Slacks made of spandex or other tight fitting material (included but not limited to leggings, tights, running pants or yoga pants) must be covered with appropriate shorts, skirts or shirts that are at least two inches past the fingertips when arms are put down by the side.
• Shorts and slacks must be worn around waist and completely cover undergarments.
• No clothing associated with a gang, either by color, length, or insignia is allowed.
• No fishnets.
• Shoes or sandals must be worn at all times.
• No spiked collars or bracelets are to be worn or kept at JHS. Similar items will be treated in the same fashion.
• For school parties, dances, and extracurricular evening activities the dress code is still applicable for all male and female students. For formal affairs such as the Prom the student must dress properly.
• The administration will make the final determination on the acceptability of clothing or appearance.