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******************************************************************************************* Jonesville High School
    Class of 2015
    Top Ten StudentsTop Ten

Front Row:     Gabbie VanWert, Allie Cleveland**, Taylor Dunn**, Leah Brown**
Middle Row:  Grace Broesamle**, Kirsten Smith*, Kallian Behm,
                        Sabrina Angel**
Back Row:     Kalen Sechler**, Ben Ackerson**

** - Co-Valedictorians
* - Salutatorian

Graduation Information

Graduation Ceremony:   Sunday, June 7, 2015, 2:00  
High school gymnasium

Senior Honors Night: Thursday, June 4, 2015, 7:00
High school auditorium
Number of Graduates: 97

Class Colors: Orange and black

Class Song: “Photograph” by Nickelback

Class Flower: White carnation tipped in orange

Class Motto:   “Our lives are before us, our past is behind us, but our memories  are forever within us.”

Prom 2015

Prom invite


After Prom Event Sponsored by S.A.D.D.

The After Prom event will follow prom (prom date is May 2) and will be held at the Adventure Zone in Coldwater, from 12:30 a.m. until 3:30 a.m. (May 3.)  All students attending prom or all juniors and seniors are invited to attend.  This is a free event and activities included will be unlimited go carts, laser tag, and mini golf.  Pizza will be available to purchase for $1.25 a slice.  The paintball shooting gallery will be available for $4.00 per 100 paint balls.  Arcade games are equivalent to quarters, spend $20 and receive 20 bonus tokens.

SECOND TRIMESTER  2014 – 2015 

Ninth Grade High Honor 3.5 and above
Bradly Angel, Grant Baker, Jensen Ballinger, Dawson Barrett, Jacqueline Beatty,
Jettsen Behm, Joel Benn,Katelyn Brown, Katherine Caldwell, Carter Clements,
 Chason Colbart, Sarah Dawson, Freeman Do, Samantha Dunn,
Carson Evans, Chloe Finnegan, Jenna Glassburn, Dustin Gutowski, Dalton Hawkins, Dylan Hiller, Harrison James,Paige Johnston, Garett Kellam, Elizabeth Ledyard,
Lauren Mains, Lillian Marcavage, Makenzie McLouth, Megan Miler,
Hailey Miller, Teya Nichols, Koryn Playford, Hanna Purdy, Alivia Rebeck,
Salma Resendiz, Shane Smith, Chad Sommers,Seth Spahr, Whitney Strait,
Cassidy Taylor, Kalyssa Taylor, Asher Watkins, Mia Wilson, Fred Yaniga, 

Ninth Grade Honor 3.0 to 3.49
Madison Boyer, Chase Braxmaier, Nathan Briner, Reese Cox, Autumn Dillenbeck,
Logan Domack, Kassandra Graves,Gage Hess, Christopher Hibbard, Kelsey Hiller, Harman Ladd, Dakota Lanius, Alison Lawrence, Amy Magda,Kelsey Magda,
 Breanna Marshall, Collin Moneymaker, Cadance Nichols, Ashley Owens
Cordell Price, Emily Rogers,Kelsey Signor, Jason Townsend, Seth Young

Tenth Grade High Honor 3.5 and above
Hannah Adams, Payton Back, Mitchell Beatty, Shayna Blakely-Yoder, Dustyn Bowers, Sydney Boyce, Victoria Broesamle, Ryanna Burkeen, Suphakorn Chalongphoksilchai, Ceiran Deck, Ariana Fowler, Katherine Godfrey,Joanna Greeley, Hineiri Harrison, Cassidy Hath, Kaitlyn Hinson, Jun Gu Kang, Jessica Kirk, Drew Langston, Alia Lapina,
Yuhao Liu, Jade Lopresto, Brittany Mapes, Benjamin Marsh, Miranda Masarik,
Paige McGaugh, Shayam Patel, Emily Schmitt, Shauna Smith, Allanah Steveson,
Justin Taylor, Richelle Tesch, Thomas Thompson, Kaylee Walinski,
Jacob Wilson, Alyssa Wiseley, Erin Wolff, Nikki Wolff, Chase Wyatt, Hunter Young

Tenth Grade Honor 3.0 to 3.49
Zayne Ballard, Kenzie Branham, Jarret Caler, Johnni Collard, Brock Davis,
Tabitha Dewalt, Dana Dunning, Katelyn Fish,Keagan Gimenez, Vincent Gittings,
Ryan Hollister, Brody Longman, Randal McDowell, Katelyn Pitts, Caledon Prasser,
Michelle Shaver, Lucas Trachsel, Keagen Welch, David Wright

Eleventh Grade High Honor 3.5 and above
Joseph Allen, Desirae Anson, Laura Baekler, Jone Baines Azpilicueta, Hannah Benn, Kiara Bennett, Shelissa Blakely-Yoder, Alexis Burlew, Emily Dawson,
 Hadassah Foster, Andrew Freese, Andrea Greathouse, Jarred Harden,
Tyler Hegwood,Ashley Hemminger, Brady Hess, Garrett Huggett, Michael Iler,
Jordan Johnston, Yeadeulchan Kim, Samantha Lawhorn, Breanna Lawless,
Haley Lemle, Jared Mains, Kaitlyn Mann, Brittany Marshall, Megan Martin,
Hailey Nielsen, Quinton Slovacek, Jonathan Staggs, Brianna Tesch, Morgan Tesch, Ashleigh Varney, Laurel Wade, Jamie Young

Eleventh Grade Honor 3.0 to 3.49
Drew Baker, Adrianna Brackman, Kieran Cavanaugh, Rachael Cleveland,
Taylor Erwin, Benjamin Federspiel,Jadan Gilbert, Alyssa Heady, Seth Magda,
Kalynn Marshall, Reagan Peavey, Ashley Phillips, Calvin Raker, Anastasia Roe,
Nicole Saxton, Joseph Scheibner, Elizabeth Schneider, Dillon Smith, Kalie Spencer, Jacob Stiles,Sarah Tesch, Mariah Thompson, Darlyn Wedemeyer, Bastien Welch, Emma Yaniga

Twelfth Grade High Honor 3.5 and above
Benjamin Ackerson, Nicole Angel, Sabrina Angel, Alicia Barnhill, Jagger Behm,
 Kallian Behm, Brady Bowman, Alyssa Boyd, Grace Broesamle, Leah Brown,
Payton Brown, Alyssa Bumpus, Madisen Clements, Allison Cleveland, 
Brittney Collins, Taylor Dunn, Elizabeth Elkins, Hannah Foster, Paul Fox,
Alexandria Haskell, Charles Hudson,Taylor Hughes, Amy Jacks, Brooke Jeffrey,
Sterling Ladd, Aaron Lawrence, Mikayla Miller, Anderson Ray,Emily Roberts,
Carleen Rowe, Kalen Sechler, Joshua Smith, Kirsten Smith, Courtney Stidham,
Travis Sutton,Makenzie Swisher, Caleb Taylor, Terissa Trivette, Dion VanBoekel, Gabrielle VanWert, Alexis Wallace, Braxton Wyatt.

Twelfth Grade Honor 3.0 to 3.49
Hayden Anderson, Brianna Berry, Seth Boulis, Kelsey Caldwell, Andrew Foust,
Devin Gordon, Cortni Hull,Matthew Kovacic, Kallen Marcavage, Michael Martin,
Kyle Rearick, Paola Renson Garlant, Jesse Rice,Anthony Roe, Dalton Rossman,
Brook Schroeder, Edward Sultana, Ellie Tolbert, Zachariah Wilson, Alyssia Young

9th Grade Perfect Attendance
Dawson Barrett, Maggie Bowman, Chase Braxmaier, Nathan Briner, Cristian Engle, Dustin Gutowski, Skylar Hammel,Gage Hess, Kelsey Hiller, Alison Lawrence,
 Kenneth Lillis, Amy Magda, Luke Magda, Collin Moneymaker, 
Koryn Playford, Joseph Schneider, Ashley Siner, Shane Smith, Chad Sommers,
Shane Spieth, Austin Stoddard

 10th Grade Perfect Attendance
Zayne Ballard, Austin Blair, Shayna Blakely-Yoder, Ryanna Burkeen, Brock Davis,
 Ceiran Deck, Kaitlyn Hinson,Jacob James, Jayden Johnson, William King,
 Alia Lapina, Yuhao Liu, Shayan Patel, Katelyn Pitts, Anna Scheibner,
Thomas Thompson, Trevor Vincent, Erin Wolff, Nikki Wolff

11th Grade Perfect Attendance
Damon Bach, Laura Baekler, Jone Baines Azpilicueta, Hannah Benn, Kiara Bennett, Shelissa Blakely-Yoder,Ashlee Crider, Koti Ellis, Jason Fox, Tyler Hegwood,
Brady Hess, Megan Martin, Kayla Nicholson, Nicole Saxton,Quinton Slovacek,
Kiehl Smith, Ashleigh Varney, 

12th Grade Perfect Attendance
Hayden Anderson, Grace Broesamle, Allison Cleveland, Brkttney Collins, Andrew Foust, Amy Jacks, Aaron Lawrence,Kyle Rearick, Wyatt Sharp, Courtney Stidham,
 Travis Sutton, Ellie Tolbert

After School Study Hall

JHS is now offering after school study hall sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 3:00 until 4:00.
Any student who needs help or needs to catch up on
assignments is encouraged to attend. 


Jonesville High School
Students of the Month for March  2015

Hannah Adams - Mr. Loveless
Kallian Behm - Mrs. Drake
Seth Boulis - Mr. Perrin
Victoria Broesamle - Mr. Varney
Ashley Hemminger - Ms. Marsh
Christopher Hibbard - Mrs. Mykeloff
Matthew Kovacic - Mr. Taipalus
Harman Ladd - Mr. Morin
Aaron Lawrence - Mr. Konieczki
Megan Martin - Miss Hartley
Miranda Masarik - Mr. Coe
Koryn Playford - Mr. Hunter
Michael Pope - Mrs. Sager
Cordell Price - Mr. Stanton
Jesse Rice - Mrs. Salsbury
Michelle Shaver - Mrs. Hogan
Shane Smith - Mr. Williamson
Ellie Tolbert - Mrs. Dobson
Ashleigh Varney - Mrs. Welden
Codey West - Mrs. Brown


Dress Code:
In an effort to reduce the number of dress code violations and to help inform summer shoppers I am posting  a copy of the Jonesville High School Dress Code. This will also help parents and students know and understand the rules and what to expect in the upcoming school year. Last year we tried allowing leggings and other tight fitting pants if student wore long shirts over them. This was difficult to enforce, so to make this rule more uniform and easier to enforce, shirts covering up these types of tight pants must hang 2 inches past the finger tips when arms are put down by the students’ side. Students are not to wear tank tops of any kind including dresses or dress shirts that are tank top style. Skirts, dresses and shorts must be at least as 2 inches past the fingertips when arms are put down by the students’ side without having to stretch or tug at their outfit. Please read over the dress code and shop accordingly. Our goal with the dress code is to teach our students how to dress appropriately in a public setting and we feel that it is important that students learn to dress for success.

• Student attire should not be gory or gross.
• Clothing that encourages hate or puts down another group is not allowed.
• No hats, headgear, chains, or sunglasses.
• None of the following tops may be worn: Open-sided, bare backed, bare midriff, transparent, spandex, underwear-bra tops, tank tops, strapless tops.
• Shirts must be open or hang no lower than one hand width from the base of the neck.
• No shirts of the following messages: profanity, offensive messages, suggestive messages, suggestive pictures, messages promoting or advertising beer, cigarettes or drugs. No T-shirts of the following or similar brands: Big Johnson, Coed Naked, Hooters, Red Dog, or Butt Naked.
• Blouses, shirts, and tops must thoroughly cover the midriff during normal and routine wearing for class activities at JHS.
• No jewelry advertising or depicting drugs or drug symbols, beer labels or logos, or cigarettes.
• No short skirts, dresses or shorts. All skirts, dresses and shorts must be at least as 2 inches past the fingertips when arms are put down by the side. The holes in pants must also only be below two inches past the fingertips.
• No shorts of spandex, underwear type, or tight fitting sportswear.
• Slacks made of spandex or other tight fitting material (included but not limited to leggings, tights, running pants or yoga pants) must be covered with appropriate shorts, skirts or shirts that are at least two inches past the fingertips when arms are put down by the side.
• Shorts and slacks must be worn around waist and completely cover undergarments.
• No clothing associated with a gang, either by color, length, or insignia is allowed.
• No fishnets.
• Shoes or sandals must be worn at all times.
• No spiked collars or bracelets are to be worn or kept at JHS. Similar items will be treated in the same fashion.
• For school parties, dances, and extracurricular evening activities the dress code is still applicable for all male and female students. For formal affairs such as the Prom the student must dress properly.
• The administration will make the final determination on the acceptability of clothing or appearance.