Welcome To Jonesville High School

Welcome to News 10 Schools Rule!

During the school year WILX will be heading out to schools in the area to see all of the good things that are happening in local schools, and what students, teachers, and administrators are doing to make Mid-Michigan great.


Jonesville High School will be hosting Schools Rule and the WILX team on Friday, February 12.


Homecoming Week at JHS
Starting next Monday, February 8 through February 12, Homecoming/Spirit Week is starting with the dress up days listed below.  There are several activities scheduled which will include the Schools Rule Team from WILX TV-10 arriving on Friday morning to check out all the amazing students, staff, and events that are happening at JHS.  In the afternoon on Friday, the Homecoming Assembly will take place, followed by the evening events of the home basketball games with Concord, and the crowning of the king and queen (which takes place during half-time of the JV game.) Immediately after the game the freshman class will be hosting the Homecoming Dance until 11:30. Tickets for the dance are $4.00.

Homecoming Theme is "Disney"

Dress up Days

Monday - Tacky Tourist Day
Tuesday - Toga Day
Wednesday - Country versus Rap Day
Thursday - High School Stereotype Day
Friday - Orange and Black Day


Congratulation to the following 2016 Basketball Homecoming Representatives

Senior class:
Jonah Boot, Andrew Freese, Brady Hess, Garrett Huggett
Hannah Benn, Emily Dawson, Hailey Nielsen, Kalie Spencer

Junior Class:
Adam Swope, Miranda Masarik

Sophomore Class:
Dustin Gutowski, Lauren Mains

Freshman Class:
Ashton Pruitt, Josephine Spolyar

Jonesville FFA
Labor Auction
March 2, 2016
Dinner 6:00 PM
Live Auction 7:00 PM
Silent Auction (Desserts) 6:00 8:00 PM

● Over 30 FFA members and advisor will be auctioned off for 8
hours of work
● The minimum bid for each FFA member auctioned off is $75.
● All members auctioned off should have work done by Aug.
● Dinner Provided: Sloppy joes and BBQ pork sandwiches,
chips, veggies, fruit, cole slaw, potato salad, and macaroni
[If there are any questions please contact Kim Salsbury]


Jonesville High School is proud to announce the production and performance of “Pygmalion” by George Bernard Shaw.  

Performance Dates:  Friday, May 6, 6:00
         Saturday, May 7, 1:00
         Sunday, May 8, 1:00

Director:  Mrs. Scarlet Sager
Student Assistant Director:  Michelle Shaver

Cast and Crews:
Katie Hinson – Liza Doolittle/Flower Girl
Jonathan Staggs – Professor Henry Higgins/The Note Taker
Chris Hibbard – Colonel Pickering/The Gentleman
Quinton Slovacek – Alfred Doolittle, Nepommuck/Whiskers
Emily Schmitt – Mrs. Higgins
Kaylee Walinski – Mrs. Pierce
Erin Wolff – Mrs. Eynsford Hill/Mother, Second Landing Footman
Alison Lawrence – Miss Eynsford Hill/Daughter/Clara
Mylo Schlect – Freddy Eynsford Hill, Host/Ambassador
Valerie Walker – The Parlor Maid, Bystander 1
Lillian Marcavage – Hostess/Ambassador’s Wife
Skylar Hammel – Sarcastic Bystander, First Landing Footman
Ashton Sauber – Footman
Reception Attendees – Erica Ellis, Hannah Hukill, Alison Lawrence, Violet Sager, Valerie Walker
General Bystanders/Evening Out Crowd Taking Shelter – Erica Ellis, Manlee Gomez, Hannah Hukill, 
Kaley Morgan,  Ashton Sauber
Ticket Attendant – Manlee Gomez
House Manager s – Kelsey Hiller, Megan Cummings
Publicity Manager – Ryanna Burkeen
Publicity Crew – Alia Lapina, Ben Marsh, Allanah Steveson, Ashleigh Varney, Kaylee Walinski
Make-up Designers – Cadance Nichols, Payton back
Make-up Crew – Erica Ellis, Skylar Hammel, Hannah Hukill, Kaitlynn Mullins, Ashley Owens
Costume Coordinator – Kaley Morgan
Costume Crew – Ben Marsh, Kayla Nicholson
Prop Master – Alia Lapina
Props Crew – Alexia Balcom, Ryanna Burkeen, Ben Marsh, Olivia Stiverson, Valerie Walker, Kaylee Walinski
Set Crew – Hailey Adair, Manlee Gomez, Ben marsh, Kayla Nicholson, Olivia Paige, Ashton Sauber,
Mylo Schlect, Alyssa Wiseley
Light Crew – Dominik Balser, Luke Magda, Kayla Nicholson, Shane Smith, Ashleigh Varney
Sound Crew – Roland Mann, Kayla Nicholson, Ashleigh Varney, Riley Wagner
Video Crew – Hailey Adair, Olivia Paige


Students of the Month for January 2016

Blake Baldwin - Mrs. Hogan
Maxime Bebronne - Mr. Taipalus
Katie Brown - Miss Hartley/Mrs. Moon
Ben Federspiel - Mrs. Monville
Ethan Fee - Mr. Morin
Chloe Finnegan - Mr. Loveless
Amber Gordon - Mr. Williamson
Jarred Harden - Mrs. Drake
Cassidy Hath - Mrs. Welden
Madison James - Mr. Coe
Flavian Kaufman - Mr. Perrin
Lillian Marcavage - Mr. Varney
Kaley Morgan - Mrs. Sager
Kayla Nicholson - Mrs. Dobson
Hanna Purdy - Mr. Konieczki
Quinton Slovacek - Mrs. Mykeloff
Gage Spratt - Mr. Kennard
Jacob Stiles - Mr. Stanton
Abigail Stubbins - Mrs. Salsbury
Cassidy Taylor - Mr. Hunter
Jacob Wilson - Miss Marsh
Leann Woods - Mrs. Brown


Athletic Department Study Hall 

Students are required to attend on Tuesday and Thursday… Friday is a makeup date only – must be approved through the athletic office to attend.
Study hall will be held at 7:00 a.m. in Mrs. Drake’s room (Room 204).  Any student that arrives later than 7:05 a.m. will not be counted as in attendance

Jonesville High School Dress Code
dress code (2).pdf   Please use this link for the dress code

​Please use this link for important vaccination information
Vaccination info.pdf